Stefano Lorenzi

Stefano Lorenzi

Cyber Security and HomeBrewer


Bachelor Degree Information technology, University of Milan, thesis “Analysis of modularity in complex software”

Master Dagree IT Security, University of Milan,thesis “Methodology and technology for companies’networks security”.

Post Graduate Cyber Security and legal regulations, University of Modena Reggio Emilia, thesis “APT – A new challenge for CERT groups”.


Mandiant Training (Plano – Texas)
HP/Mandiant Partnership Training

University of London (UK)
Malicious Software and its Underground
Economy: Two Sides to Every Story

University of Maryland (USA)
Usable Security

University of Maryland (USA)
Hardware Security

University of Maryland (USA)

University of Maryland (USA)
Software Security

Rice University (USA)
An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python