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Stefano Lorenzi

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Brewonline is a free software for implement your beer recipe. This software is on internet and you can use it with all Operative System, the link is you need to have a user name and password.
I use this software since 2017 and I found it very easy and very simple.
When you write a new recipe you can choose the type that you want to use (Kit, E+G, BIAB or All Grain), after you can select a BJCP style of your new recipe you can set the efficiency of your system. After this the software give you a range of parameters such as color, IBU and alcool (this parameters depends of you beer style in respect of BJCP).
When you select a Malt, the software set the correct color and change the gravity and you can see if your recipe respect the DJCP standard or not. In the same way when you select your hop, the software change the IBU value. Obviously you can choose you yeast and set water parameter and configure your system.
I like this software because is simple, such as there aren’t many parameter for water like pH value and so on, but you have to concentrate only for easy parameters of your recipe.

I suggest to try to use this software, it’s very nice, simple and free.

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