Stefano Lorenzi

Stefano Lorenzi

Cyber Security and HomeBrewer

My new eletric system

In this video I want to show my new Eletric System for HomeBrew.
The heart is a Raspberry PI 3, the software developed with Lazarus/Pascal, across this software is possible to manage 4 relay and power ON/OFF the eletric resistances inside the pots. There are two temperature probe, the software read the temperature and decided if power ON or power OFF the eletric resistence in according with MASH temperature set.
There are only two temperature probe because after MASH, in BOIL step I use Sparge Temperature probe.
It’s possible to memorize the recipe MASH step and boil time.
With 4 relay it’s possible manage:

  • MASH Pot
  • SPARGE Pot
  • BOIL Pot
  • Pomp

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