Stefano Lorenzi

Stefano Lorenzi

Cyber Security and HomeBrewer

My virtual brewery

Since 2017 I discovered a new Hobby, HomeBrewing!
Before 2017 I drank beer but after I discovered that it’s possible to produce beer at home and my world is changed.

I bought my first kit with this components:

  1. two plastic fermenters
  2. Bubbler airlock
  3. Bottling Bucket
  4. Siphon Tubing
  5. Cleaner/Sanitizer
  6. Bottle Brush

I have started with Kit method, after some mouths I have passed to E+G method and immediatily after I pass to All Grain method.

I tried different methods in All grain, the first time I used BIAB because is very easy and I can use only one pot, but after some months I passed to classic method and I build my automatic system.

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