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My virtual brewery

Since 2017 I discovered a new Hobby, HomeBrewing! Before 2017 I drank beer but after I discovered that it’s possible to produce beer at home and my world is changed. I bought my first kit with this components: two plastic fermenters Bubbler airlock Bottling Bucket Siphon Tubing Cleaner/Sanitizer Bottle Brush I have started with Kit… (read more)

Upgrade certtoolkit 3.0

I have released an upgrade of certoolkit 3.0 In this upgrade there is zaproxy 2.5.0, Tor Browser 6.0.8, DavTest and sqlmap For upgrade your system you need to open Linux shell and write sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


Pcaparse is a open source tool able to parse a pcap file (in tcpdump format) and it does this tasks: Reproduce HTTP, TCP, DNS and ARP protocol Reproduce PDF, web page, images thar are in pcap file Discover some web attack like SQL injection and XSS Attacks Discober malicious User-Agent in HTTP protocol some sqlmap… (read more)


Scanfolder is a open source tool able to perform folder scans: Look for some bad MD5 Run YARA and look for some malicius patterns Dumpy module to exctact data (credit card, URL, mail address, SSN, Telephone number, etc) This tool has a web interface and saves your cases in a sqlite database. I have tested… (read more)

Mount dd image

In a previous post I wrote an article to create a copy of a Hard disk (see here). In this case I used dd program and other similar tools such as rdd-copy or guymager. After this operation we get a file with the same dimension of the original device because we have done a bit… (read more)

Basic Network Analysis

The tutorial of today is about basic network analysis. In a previous post I wrote a tcpdump tutorial and I showed how you can capture your network traffic. We saw that a basic command to capture the traffic is sudo tcpdump -ni eth0 filename.pcap In my daily job I analyze a lot of network traffics,… (read more)